Arbeia Society Annual Conference 2022

  Hadrian's Wall, the loss of the Ninth Legion, and conflict

in the Hadrianic period

Customs House, South Shields

Saturday 29 October 2022

The 29th annual conference of the Arbeia Society will take place on Saturday 29 October, 2022 at the Customs House Theatre, South Shields. The evidence for conflict in Britain under Hadrian – its extent, location and effects (and of course its reality) – will be the central topic of the conference. Recent studies have explored the possibility that the loss of the Ninth Legion occurred during a war in Britain when the Wall was being built rather than several decades later, long after the legion had moved from Britain. There are also discoveries in London that have been taken by some modern commentators to suggest that the city was destroyed in a Hadrianic war. Broader discussion of warfare under Hadrian and in the following years will include presentations on the Jewish war late in his reign and the siege works at Burnswark, together with a paper on conflict archaeology. 


Speakers will include:

David Breeze, on the evidence for Hadrianic warfare and how it might have affected the building of Hadrian’s Wall or changes to the plan of the Wall


Jon Coulston (St Andrews), on Conflict Archaeology and Hadrianic Frontier Studies


Nick Hodgson (Durham), on the loss of the Ninth Legion, where, when and how?


Dom Perring (UCL), on London and a Hadrianic war?


John Reid, on conflict in Britain after Hadrian

Guy Stiebel (Tel-Aviv), new thinking about the Jewish war in Judaea in Hadrian’s reign.

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